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About Us


Hi, I’m Andrea and as long as I can remember I’ve always had a passion for sarees. There is something so magical about the beautiful colours, intricate designs and workmanship that goes into creating 6 yards of luxury. 


It has always been my dream to own a business that would showcase elegant and timeless sarees but having a full-time job managing multiple sites, which required me to be on on-call for over 15 years, did not give me the time to think about starting a business. Throw in starting a family and raising our adorable daughter left me with absolutely no time. 


But COVID-19 changed everything...not just for me but for everyone on so many levels. Yes, it was awful having to self-isolate but it gave me the opportunity to spend quality time with my family which I missed so much due to commuting to downtown everyday. Working from home allowed me to focus on my family and provided me with the gift of time (commuting is so time consuming and tiring!) and enabled me to start my business venture. 


With the immense support of my amazing husband and incredible parents, I have been able to launch Mia Sarees - a boutique committed to bringing clients timeless and unique sarees that are superior in quality. I named my business after my world. Her middle name is Milena and we call her Mia for short️. 


Owning a saree business has given me the privilege of playing a minor part in the lives of many ladies as they excitingly shop for the perfect saree for their special event or milestone. What a honour!! I only hope to learn, aspire and grow through my Mia Sarees journey.



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